[ RadSafe ] Fraud? -Busby Laboratories & "Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima"

Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
Wed Nov 30 13:53:08 CST 2011

Hello all,
I have previously asked Dr. Busby, who he states is  "a visiting professor
at the University of Ulster" [to quote the Guardian] some simple and direct
questions on Radsafe about the supposedly rad detox pills he is foisting on
the public, and his so-called "Busby Laboratories" & "Christopher Busby
Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" [CBFCF]. However, questions posed
to him on RADSAFE about the CBFCF have been ignored. A respected reporter,
George Monbiot, from one of England's main papers, Last week, The Guardian
[and the second largest circulation of any English on-line newspaper in the
world], asked Busby some similar questions to those posed previously on

Monbiot of the Guardian asked Dr. Busby some similar questions and was told
by Dr. Busby [see the article: "How the Greens Were Misled" at:
, or at http://tinyurl.com/88q8wc2
and Busby was quoted in The Guardian on 11th November to have replied:

"You can f**k off frankly."

When Mr. Montbiot asked a reasonable, non-confrontational follow-up question
to the above reply, Busby is quoted to have said:

"Of course it's not snakeoil you f**kwit."

While our esteemed colleague, and visiting Professor, Dr. Busby can respond
to a reporter for a major English newspaper as Busby is quoted above, he
owes RADSAFE a more responsive answer. If he refuses to reply to the
questions below, I suggest he should be given as much credence as a person
arguing that the earth is flat, or one who embraces the Ptolemaic
earth-centric view of our solar system.


Dr. Busby, does "Busby Laboratories" & the "Christopher Busby Foundation for
the Children of Fukushima" [CBFCF]:

1) Exist as legal entities, and where are they registered and based?
2) Is the CBFCF a non-profit organization, and when was it registered? Can
you supply links to its registration documents? If a non-profit, when are
you required to report its fund-raising efforts and  how funds are being
dispersed or spent? 
3) Why are the monies donated by the radiation risk terrified people of
Japan at the www.4u-detox.com website "Donations" hyperlink  linked to your
personal Green Audit bank account? 

Despite your denials of involvement with the CBFCF, your name and photos,
and videos are prominently displayed all over the 4u-detox website. Would
you please explain how you can state to The Guardian when asked about your
involvement with the Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of

"It's got nothing to do with me. He** phoned me up and asked if he could use
my name and I said he could."
     **Note: James Ryan runs the 4u-detox.com website selling the pills with
your name as the manufacturer of the pills and sold for the CBFCF

REALLY? Your statements are certainly less than credible and some might say
even say completely false based on the apparent facts of the information
publically available.

Your attempt to received Donations through the 4u-detox.com with which you
say you have nothing to do can be viewed at the following links.


If above link does not work go to:

http://www.cbfcf.org/donation and scroll down and click on DONATION about
half-way down on the left.

or try: 

It is a serious, and perhaps illegal, issue that all Donations made at the
"Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" website are
apparently flowing to your own private organization "Green Audit" in

You owe RADSAFE an immediate explanation. If you cannot offer credible
answers to the questions posed by Reporter and Editorialist Mr. Montbiot of
The Guardian, or in my prior and current questions to you, a reasonable
person can only conclude that your wild allegations are an attempt to
exploit the Japanese citizenry by techniques that seem properly described as
deceit and scaremongering for your personal financial gain by having
Japanese citizens send money to you via the page below:


The above DONATION links at the Japanese CBFCF take a webpage visitor to a
Donations page [in Japanese which translates}:

Busby博士のGreen Auditへの寄付はこちらまでお願い致します。 
Barclays Bank Aberystwyth UK
Account: Green Audit
IBAN : GB05BARC20184110161187
Green Audit 
Green Audit 日本事務局

Roppongi Hills 2205 
Roppongi Minato-Ku 
J. Ryan


Dr. Busby, if you are unwilling, or unable,  to answer any questions about
"Busby Laboratories" and the "Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children
of Fukushima" [CBFCF], and provide some transparency about the CBFCF
organization and finances, since it is implied on the website of your name
that the CBFCF is a non-profit, one can only assume these entities are

These "organizations" would then appear to exist primarily to scare the
Japanes into buying very expensive trace mineral pills with no demonstrated,
or even possible,  radiation protection benefit. These entities in your name
would then appear only to facilitate Donations which people think is going
to a non-profit organization but instead go to a bank account to the credit
of Green Audit, your own personal "consultancy"  organization. You claim no
connection with the CBFCF while getting your name, photos, and videos before
the public via the CBFCF by techniques that seem quite bizarre.

If you can't fully explain yourself about Busby Laboratories and the
so-called  "Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" as
reasonably requested based on the seriousness of your claims,  I suggest NO
you routinely make wild claims with no scientific basis, such as the
supposed use of neutron bombs, even via cold fusion,  in Fallujah or other
fringe, and some might say, non-sensical claims posed as being from a
responsible "scientist". 

If you are not able to explain yourself credibly about the CBFCF and Chris
Busby Laboratories and the money it is raising under the guise of a
non-profit endeavor, you should simply be completely shunned by RADSAFE and
any other technical organization as a scaremonger and profiteer, until
proven otherwise. What it appears you are doing is reprehensible, and
anything but the actions of a responsible scientist.

Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
SAFarber at optonline.net

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