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I concur, have you seen reply / explanation here:




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On 30 Nov 2011, at 19:54, "Stewart Farber" <SAFarber at optonline.net> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I have previously asked Dr. Busby, who he states is  "a visiting professor
> at the University of Ulster" [to quote the Guardian] some simple and direct
> questions on Radsafe about the supposedly rad detox pills he is foisting on
> the public, and his so-called "Busby Laboratories" & "Christopher Busby
> Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" [CBFCF]. However, questions posed
> to him on RADSAFE about the CBFCF have been ignored. A respected reporter,
> George Monbiot, from one of England's main papers, Last week, The Guardian
> [and the second largest circulation of any English on-line newspaper in the
> world], asked Busby some similar questions to those posed previously on
> Monbiot of the Guardian asked Dr. Busby some similar questions and was told
> by Dr. Busby [see the article: "How the Greens Were Misled" at:
> http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/georgemonbiot/2011/nov/22/christopher-
> busby-nuclear-green-party
> , or at http://tinyurl.com/88q8wc2
> and Busby was quoted in The Guardian on 11th November to have replied:
> "You can f**k off frankly."
> When Mr. Montbiot asked a reasonable, non-confrontational follow-up question
> to the above reply, Busby is quoted to have said:
> "Of course it's not snakeoil you f**kwit."
> While our esteemed colleague, and visiting Professor, Dr. Busby can respond
> to a reporter for a major English newspaper as Busby is quoted above, he
> owes RADSAFE a more responsive answer. If he refuses to reply to the
> questions below, I suggest he should be given as much credence as a person
> arguing that the earth is flat, or one who embraces the Ptolemaic
> earth-centric view of our solar system.
> Dr. Busby, does "Busby Laboratories" & the "Christopher Busby Foundation for
> the Children of Fukushima" [CBFCF]:
> 1) Exist as legal entities, and where are they registered and based?
> 2) Is the CBFCF a non-profit organization, and when was it registered? Can
> you supply links to its registration documents? If a non-profit, when are
> you required to report its fund-raising efforts and  how funds are being
> dispersed or spent? 
> 3) Why are the monies donated by the radiation risk terrified people of
> Japan at the www.4u-detox.com website "Donations" hyperlink  linked to your
> personal Green Audit bank account? 
> Despite your denials of involvement with the CBFCF, your name and photos,
> and videos are prominently displayed all over the 4u-detox website. Would
> you please explain how you can state to The Guardian when asked about your
> involvement with the Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of
> Fukushima: 
> "It's got nothing to do with me. He** phoned me up and asked if he could use
> my name and I said he could."
>     **Note: James Ryan runs the 4u-detox.com website selling the pills with
> your name as the manufacturer of the pills and sold for the CBFCF
> REALLY? Your statements are certainly less than credible and some might say
> even say completely false based on the apparent facts of the information
> publically available.
> Your attempt to received Donations through the 4u-detox.com with which you
> say you have nothing to do can be viewed at the following links.
> See:
> http://www.cbfcf.org/donation-寄付/
> If above link does not work go to:
> http://www.cbfcf.org/donation and scroll down and click on DONATION about
> half-way down on the left.
> or try: 
> http://tinyurl.com/76fjhqm
> It is a serious, and perhaps illegal, issue that all Donations made at the
> "Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" website are
> apparently flowing to your own private organization "Green Audit" in
> England. 
> You owe RADSAFE an immediate explanation. If you cannot offer credible
> answers to the questions posed by Reporter and Editorialist Mr. Montbiot of
> The Guardian, or in my prior and current questions to you, a reasonable
> person can only conclude that your wild allegations are an attempt to
> exploit the Japanese citizenry by techniques that seem properly described as
> deceit and scaremongering for your personal financial gain by having
> Japanese citizens send money to you via the page below:
> =================================
> The above DONATION links at the Japanese CBFCF take a webpage visitor to a
> Donations page [in Japanese which translates}:
> Busby博士のGreen Auditへの寄付はこちらまでお願い致します。 
> Bank: 
> Barclays Bank Aberystwyth UK
> Account: Green Audit
> IBAN : GB05BARC20184110161187
> Green Audit 
> http://www.greenaudit.org/ 
> Green Audit 日本事務局
> 106−0032 
> Roppongi Hills 2205 
> 6-12-2 
> Roppongi Minato-Ku 
> Tokyo 
> J. Ryan
> =================
> Dr. Busby, if you are unwilling, or unable,  to answer any questions about
> "Busby Laboratories" and the "Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children
> of Fukushima" [CBFCF], and provide some transparency about the CBFCF
> organization and finances, since it is implied on the website of your name
> that the CBFCF is a non-profit, one can only assume these entities are
> fraudulent.  
> These "organizations" would then appear to exist primarily to scare the
> Japanes into buying very expensive trace mineral pills with no demonstrated,
> or even possible,  radiation protection benefit. These entities in your name
> would then appear only to facilitate Donations which people think is going
> to a non-profit organization but instead go to a bank account to the credit
> of Green Audit, your own personal "consultancy"  organization. You claim no
> connection with the CBFCF while getting your name, photos, and videos before
> the public via the CBFCF by techniques that seem quite bizarre.
> If you can't fully explain yourself about Busby Laboratories and the
> so-called  "Christopher Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" as
> reasonably requested based on the seriousness of your claims,  I suggest NO
> you routinely make wild claims with no scientific basis, such as the
> supposed use of neutron bombs, even via cold fusion,  in Fallujah or other
> fringe, and some might say, non-sensical claims posed as being from a
> responsible "scientist". 
> If you are not able to explain yourself credibly about the CBFCF and Chris
> Busby Laboratories and the money it is raising under the guise of a
> non-profit endeavor, you should simply be completely shunned by RADSAFE and
> any other technical organization as a scaremonger and profiteer, until
> proven otherwise. What it appears you are doing is reprehensible, and
> anything but the actions of a responsible scientist.
> Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
> SAFarber at optonline.net
> 203-441-8433
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