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Cowie, Michael I michael.cowie at aramco.com
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Steven, I know that was meant in jest, but please be aware that you "may" be interacting with an atypical character.........and as a Brit I can say that mobocracy does not exist, which in some instances is a shame, as we may not have had to put up with the self-serving platitudes of the likes of Tony Blair! But I fear that is for an altogether different forum:)


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Oct. 4

         I was thinking more of the Brits.  I too am glad you have such access.

Steven Dapra

At 02:42 AM 10/3/2011, you wrote:
>Right. The Austrian people are a mobocracy of ignoramuses. Is that it?
>Incisive thinking, powerful analysis. Glad I have access to such intelligence.
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>          A mobocracy of ignoramuses would be a more apt characterization.
>Steven Dapra
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> >Democracy?
> >Chris
> >
> >
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> >Jerry,
> >
> >May I ask you naivly: What has "nuclear" and "rational thought" to do
> >with each other?
> >
> >In my home country Austria, there is legislation underway to forbid
> >import of "nuclear electricity" and even more,  electricity
> >generation from non-renewable sources should be abandoned at the
> >latest until 2050.
> >
> >I use a similar saying: They crawl out of their caves.
> >
> >I am not joking, this is the idea of our parliament, initiated by the
> >very small minority of greens.
> >
> >What kind of world are we living in?
> >
> >Best regards
> >
> >Franz
> >
> >
> >---- Jerry Cohen <jjc105 at yahoo.com> schrieb:
> > > Each nuclear "incident" is a signal for anti-nucs such as Markey
> > to crawl out of
> > > the woodwork and alert their toady news media to produce their
> > alarms of doom
> > > and gloom!

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