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With respect to Chris's statement:

And if you bring in all the cancer children near the nuclear sites, the disposal of the waste etc., its efficiency is probably negative

1.      "..all the cancer children near the nuclear sites..." insignificant evidence that there is this result, therefore, efficiency is positive

2.      "...the disposal of the waste etc" This is a political issue and not a scientific issue. The USA NPP sites store radwaste on-site since government politicos can't get their act together. However, this has no effect on efficiency




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It is not obvious to me from any of your emails that you know anything much at all.

Since the wind energy is free any loss of efficiency has to be considered in that context. What is the efficiency of a sailing yacht? It gets you from A to B without any outlay on fuel. What, for example is the efficiency of nuclear power? A meaningless question. And if you bring in all the cancer children near the nuclear sites, the disposal of the waste etc., its efficiency is probably negative.  The efficiency of hydrogen production from electrolysis is very high. The efficiency of burning hydrogen in a heat engine is Carnot-based dQ/T.  What you may like to know is that I am a Physical Chemist and Chemical Physicist, was responsible at Wellcome for and was the expert on Thermodynamics, I also ran the electrochemical laboratory and my 2nd PhD was in Raman Spectroelectrochemistry. I am sorry that I know so much, but that's not my problem, its just a consequence of much study and hard work in many areas.

I do enjoy our little exchanges. Keep up the insults. Most entertaining.

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