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Oct. 4

         My comment is below.

Steven Dapra

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>I hate to jump in on threads like this, but I just read something
>yesterday that seems relevant.
>There may be a bigger setback if wind generation is treated like the
>oil/gas industry...
>    The U.S. Attorney for North Dakota hauled seven oil and natural
>    gas companies into federal court for killing 28 migratory birds
>    that were found dead near oil waste lagoons.  The Class B
>    carry fines of up to $15,000 for each dead bird and up to six months
>    in prison.
>    You may not be surprised to learn that the Administration isn't
>    prosecuting wind companies for similar offenses.
>    The wind industry each year kills not 28 birds, or even a few
>    but some 440,000, according to estimates by the American Bird
>    based on Fish and Wildlife Service data.

>It sounds like legislation will soon be passed that will absolve the
>wind industry from responsibility for migratory bird deaths.

         This sounds like MOBOCRACY at work.  (I'm not shouting, 
merely being emphatic.)

Steven Dapra

>Cary Renquist
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