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Carefree is a small wooden 5 tonner and never went near California. I guess there is more than one boat called Carefree.

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In a prior post, I mentioned a link to a "fascinating"   CV put together by
C. Busby. It's worth looking at the link below to his published CV. See:




The above link is a good starting point to appreciate certain aspects of
Busby's claims, actions, and self-opinion. This inflated 25 page CV includes
a listing of 50 or so legal actions in which Busby has been involved in
making what can only be described as fringe claims about  environmental
radioactivity, and radiation bio-effects contradicting the vast body of
consensus science and the application of valid scientific assessement


Busby seems to enjoy representing himself as mankind's best hope in fighting
a vast conspiracy carried out by the entire established scientific
community.  In his world-view, it appears mainstream scientists are trying
to deceive the greater public by applying deceitful, consensus scientific
knowledge gained by 100 years of research developed at a cost of many
billions of $.    In reading this Busby CV,  you might want to get out your
old folk albums and  listen to "Puff the Magic Dragon" by Peter, Paul, and


The one word that comes to mind in looking at this CV is narcissism. To take
the CV at face value,  C. Busby would be a combination of Einstein, Erwin
Schrodinger, Max Planck, Niels Bohr, Max Born, Werner Heisenburg, Linus
Pauling,  as well as Mozart, Yehudi Menuhin, and Josef Suk. He writes in his
CV that he plays guitar, banjo, diatonic accordion, bandoneon, violin,
viola, and Hardanger fiddle.  


And in spite of being a "poor" scientist as he has written so many times on
radsafe,  fighting for exposing the truth about radiation conspiracies and
corporate greed,  his CV mentions his enjoying "sailing his 5-ton 1953
wooden yacht Carefree

which is moored in Pembrokeshire (and belonged to William Penney ) and his
65 ton 1903 Dutch Barge Marius (which belonged to Susan Ross of New York)
based in France in which he is creeping south."  


William Penney, mentioned by Busby as previously owning Busby's yacht,  is
called the "British Oppenheimer" in that Penney was the major force behind
Britain developing their nuclear weapons capability after WWII. Penney
played a very important role in the development of the US atomic bomb in
WWII at Los Alamos and helped select Hiroshima and Nagasaki as the targets
and specified the height of detonation to limit ground contamination.  In
1965 the 36' Yacht Carefree  which Busby mentions on his CV as now owning,
was operating as a chartered honeymoon boat in  in the channel between
Catalina Island and the California coast. If the Carefree  found its way
back to England, and to Penney's ownership,  and eventually to Busby it
would be quite the journey. 



Stewart Farber, MSPH

SAFarber at optonline.net



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