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Sternglass got his results by cherry-picking data, as do most of the other researchers you cite.  It's impossible to tell if his work is correct or not, but the odds are against it.  Like your claims of heart attacks in Japanese children, it's not science, it's pushing an agenda through pseudo-scientific obfuscation, designed to impress the scientifically ignorant.

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Steven Dapra takes some time to attack me. 
But talking about creationism, I believe that Steven Dapra is a Creationist. Is that right, Steven?
And dont knock Sternglass. His work is broadly correct. 

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Interesting blog here:


The example given is the debate between evolution and "creation science" but the arguments apply just as much to anti- (or pro-) nuke opinions.  Take a moment to think about what sort of evidence it would take to convince you that your beliefs are false, and then see if such evidence exists.

Busby's citation of Sternglass et alia is laughable, but so are some of the pro-hormesis papers cited here over the years.  Both just show that the peer-review process is far from perfect.  Too many propagandists out there, and not enough scientists.

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