[ RadSafe ] Drawing the line between science andpseudo-science. (was Rational Thought)

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The Bible also says that God's word could be manipulated.  Time and usage changes some word meanings.  "Fear God" is common now and has meanings to us that I don't believe was the intentional meaning.  Historically, the original language was meant to convey something along the lines of to "hold in awe". When I hear "Rad", I immediately think one thing, but on a California beach, someone yelling "rad" has a whole other meaning. 

Also, the Bible was not written by God, it was written by fallible men inspired by God.  And, the New Testament was decided on by committee.  There were several Gospels left out because they did not fit in with the purposes of the committee.  And, look at the four Gospels that were kept.  They tell basically the same story except the farther in time the get from Jesus' actual time on earth, the more despicable Judas becomes.  I fear some things may have been lost in translation and/or misinterpretted due to time.  Originally, an Old Testament "day" could be representative of a millennium.  And later, when people were living "900 years", years could be entirely different from our concept of a year.  For us, a year is one revolution around the sun.  And this is a relatively new concept from a historical perspective.

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> Dear Howard,
> I think it matters because that is what it is stated in the bible. I
> think
> that the real question is: "Is the bible the written word of god?" If
> someone thinks it is, then it should be taken at face value and there
> should
> not be anything mistaken in it, never. Not 1000 years ago, nor 1000
> years
> from now. Nothing mistaken in its morals, nothing mistaken in its
> history,
> nothing mistaken in its physics, nothing mistaken in its engineering.
> There
> should be any need for explanations, interpretations and
> disabmiguations.
> For if one phrase is evidently mistaken then more may also be
> mistaken.
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