[ RadSafe ] Drawing the line between scienceandpseudo-science. (was Rational Thought)

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What is left from Christianity?  Moral guidelines, the strength to be more than our animal instincts, to use science and reason to the betterment of mankind.  I don't think science and Christianity (or any or religion) has to be one or the other.  They can coexist.  Science to figure out how the natural world works and religion to use that knowledge for everyone's benefit.

Believer in God and gravity (an actual force of attraction and not that we stay here just because the world sucks),


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> I quite agree that such misconceptions can happen and things can get
> lost
> in traslation or things can be misinterpretted. However, all of these
> can
> happen to important stuff such as the healing of the blind (may be he
> was
> not quite blind) and the walking on water (may be it was very shallow)
> and
> the resurrection itself (it may never actually happened). Then what is
> left
> from christianity? On the other hand, science can demostrate by
> experiment
> much of its corpus. This is quite different.
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