[ RadSafe ] Drawing the line between science and pseudo-science. (was Rational Thought)

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Again the March 1997 HPS News referring to the December 1971 HPS News,
quoting our beloved departed colleague Dade Moeller:

Some members were outspoken and the speech by Dade
Moeller to the legislators was an excellent effort (Q show
how misinformation was being promulgated. He spoke
after Dr. Sternglass had presented a paper. Dr. Moeller
said "The Stemglass Phenomenon' has been observed and
studied by statisticians, epidemiologists, and public health
officials for over four years, yet the matter still continues
to baffle our best scientists. At the core of the phenomenon
appears to be Dr. Stemglass' careful selection of only the
data he find s will support the conclusions he wishes to
reach. Toward that end, he apparently has no qualms in
changing facts such as which way the wind blows, and
making water now upstream; or corroborating as support.
ing references his own previous papers; or ignoring the
protests of other scientists whose research he sometimes
cites; or displaying no apparent interest in the mass of
scientific opinion which rejects his methods of research and
findings as bunk and pseudoscience; and when being
questioned. invariably[y changing the subject or always
displaying 'new data . , ..
Dade Moeller could not have been more direct. He and
many other exceptionally competent individuals made
valiant efforts to unmask the fraud but the media continued
to select their sources of information from those who
presented the most effective message to stop or slow
development of nuclear power and other high technology.

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         Sternglass is a charlatan.  See Samuel McCracken's analysis of some
of his claims in "The War Against the Atom," pp. 122-133.

Steven Dapra

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>And dont knock Sternglass. His work is broadly correct.
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>Busby's citation of Sternglass et alia is laughable, but so are some of 
>the pro-hormesis papers cited here over the years.  Both just show that 
>the peer-review process is far from perfect.  Too many propagandists 
>out there, and not enough scientists.

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