[ RadSafe ] Drawing the line between scienceandpseudo-science. (was Rational Thought)

Busby, Chris C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk
Thu Oct 6 03:47:48 CDT 2011

Dear Steven

This is not science. Science is empirical, relies on experiment.
It would not stand up in any court of law.
This statement should not appear under the heading Rational Thought.
It is called: Belief 
It is no different form the beliefs of the Azande witchdoctors or the Buddhists or the Hindus.
It may of course be correct, and so may they, I cant say, but it is not rational and it is not science.  
I now see where you come from, this and your creationism. 
Thank you. I will probably not bother to respond to anything you say from now on.

Incidentally, Im not at all sure how this thread is on a RADSAFE discussion group, entertaining as it may be.

Good luck


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Oct. 5

         The literal, physical, bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ 
from the grave is one of the best established facts of history.  I'm 
not going to debate it because there is nothing to debate.  It happened.

Steven Dapra

At 03:01 PM 10/5/2011, you wrote:
>I quite agree that such misconceptions  can happen and things can 
>get lost in traslation or things can be misinterpretted. However, 
>all of these can happen to important stuff such as the healing of 
>the blind (may be he was not quite blind) and the walking on water 
>(may be it was very shallow) and the resurrection itself (it may 
>never actually happened). Then what is left from christianity? On 
>the other hand, science can demostrate by experiment much of its 
>corpus. This is quite different.


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