[ RadSafe ] RadSafe Digest, Vol 764, Issue 3

Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
Thu Oct 6 19:50:40 CDT 2011

Oct. 6

         You forgot the citation to your "enormously complicated and 
expensive study."

Steven Dapra

At 11:40 AM 10/6/2011, you wrote:
>I agree about peer review and dont rely on it, nor do I say that my 
>own peer review articles are any more believable as a result of peer 
>review. Its it is just that others demand this as some kind of 
>requirement before they even read it. I have been contacted by many 
>people in Japan giving symptoms that suggest the same scenario as 
>Bandashevsky found. I figured out that it was mechanistically 
>plausible, and this made me realise that i could save lives. Hence 
>Youtube. I recently did an enormously complicated and expensive 
>study of uranium in Fallujah. It took almost a year to get through 
>peer review. Its now published. In that time, a lot of children 
>could have been saved. Scientists like anyone have a duty to warn 
>the public of what they have found if that can possible save 
>lives.It would, in my opinion and belief, have been irresponsible 
>NOT to say something to everyone.


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