[ RadSafe ] bats and Bayer

James Salsman jsalsman at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 15:40:26 CDT 2011

Peter Fear wrote:
> Bees return to their hive at night and bats are nocturnal. How can bees be
a major food source for bats?

They live off the stragglers that don't make it back before dark.  Those
used to be the old and infirm bees, which was great for the bee colonies as
well as the bats performing a herd culling function.  With the introduction
of Bayer's nicitinoid insecticides, now the stragglers are more of the
poisoned bees, which is bad for the bees and the bats.

I'd like to raise the topic of whether health professionals should be
expected to be financially responsible for negligence.  Any objections?

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