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Oct. 10

         In his letter to the BMJ, Busby invokes the work of Cleone 
Rooney et al. (BMJ, 307:1391-1397; Nov. 27, 1993) wherein (Busby 
says) they report "an increased risk of prostatic cancer in men 
exposed to certain internally incorporated nuclides,including Sr-90, 
Cs-137, and Cs-134."  (I am quoting from Busby's letter and have 
abbreviated the names of the radionuclides.  I have not read the 
paper by Rooney et al.)  Busby goes on to claim that beginning in 
1975 Wales saw an increase in bone cancer.  I should point out that 
the work by Rooney et al. was an evaluation of prostatic cancer among 
employees of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, not among 
residents of Wales.  (In partial support of his claim, Busby cites 
his 1994 book, "Radiation and cancer in Wales.")

         In a letter to the BMJ (308:859; March 26, 1994), M. Cotter 
of the Wales Cancer Registry says, "Considerable care is needed in 
drawing conclusions from comparisons of the published data for 
England and Wales."  Cotter goes on to note that cancer incidence 
figures "may have been inflated by the inclusion of secondary 
cancers," and that "The limitations of the published data have been 
openly acknowledged in the past, not least in correspondence with the 
Wales Green party."

Steven Dapra

At 11:42 AM 10/2/2011, you wrote:
>Plenty of evidence there. Not a joke. High Rainfall = high fallout = 
>high cancer rate. See
>Busby, C. (1994), `Increase in Cancer in Wales Unexplained', British 
>Medical Journal, 308: 268.
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