[ RadSafe ] FW: Busby YouTube Videos - Claims to Public Audience of Millions of Deaths from Fukushima

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I had meant to forward my email immediately below, which I sent to Sandy
Perle, to the list.
Stewart Farber


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Hi Sandy,
My comments earlier today were never meant to minimize that the Fukushima  
accident is and was a disaster. If they were perceived as such, it was not  
my intent.

This being said however, someone claiming that many millions of people  
will die, to agree that fuel rods were being blasted from the reactors a  
mile high, that "white smoke" showed that Am, and Pu were being released  
 from the reactors,  etc., etc. goes well beyond "mis-information,  
deliberate or otherwise ".

I agree that TEPCO and the Japanese government did an amazingly  
incompetent job in communicating with the public about what was happening,  
which contributed to the panic. The US State Dept. is also complicit to  
promoting unjustified fear in that the US our government representatives  
spoke of possibly evacuating Americans in Japan to 80 km radius [when the  
Japanese government has put forward a recommendation at one point of 50  
km] as I recall, and there was even talk of our government evacuating US  
troops stationed there.

But the manner in which anti-nuclear activists sought to cynically  
terrorize the public is still reprehensible and irresponsible.

Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
Bridgeport, CT
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Mon, 10 Oct 2011 14:07:28 -0400, Perle, Sandy <sperle at mirion.com> wrote:

> The problem is that the mis-information from both TEPCO and the Japanese  
> government immediately after the incident, continuing on during the  
> incident and even after the incident is what causes the public alarm and  
> gives a forum to others. Listening to the YouTube there is a lot of  
> truth as to what is being stated. The public was misled,  
> mis-information, deliberate or otherwise was the norm, so to question  
> Chris regarding just his comments on Fukushima, is not as pertinent as  
> one could say about other topics discussed here on Radsafe. Fukushima  
> was a disaster with serious consequences and I am not confident that we  
> have all of the facts as to what happened, what the current state is and  
> how stable the reactors are, even today.
> Regards,
> Sandy
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> Hello all,
> I had drafted much of the following post some time ago, but did not send  
> it to Radsafe, because I expected that Dr. Busby would have faded away  
> long ago.  ........................................ 

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