[ RadSafe ] "mis-information from both TEPCO and the Japanese government immediately after the incident"

Jaro Franta jaro_10kbq at videotron.ca
Mon Oct 10 16:10:15 CDT 2011

Sandy & group,

I'm a bit puzzled by the comment about "mis-information from both TEPCO and
the Japanese government immediately after the incident".

I and my CNS colleagues (Canadian Nuclear Society) followed the development
of the Fukushima tsunami event since the earliest days, and my impression is
that NO OTHER nuclear incident has ever had better public information by the
authorities -- especially given the fact that tens of thousands of lives
were lost in the disaster in neighbouring coastal areas !

I suppose its possible that if you were occupied with other things (ex.
long-distance travel) at the time, information may have been hard to come by

What bugs me - to this day - is how little (i.e. "none") media attention is
given to the much wider problem of CHEMICAL contamination that resulted from
the tsunami disaster:


....can we expect the health effects of that mess to be blamed on radiation
from Fukushima ?


Mon, 10 Oct 2011 14:07:28 -0400, Perle, Sandy <sperle at mirion.com> wrote:

> The problem is that the mis-information from both TEPCO and the Japanese  
> government immediately after the incident, continuing on during the  
> incident and even after the incident is what causes the public alarm and  
> gives a forum to others. Listening to the YouTube there is a lot of  
> truth as to what is being stated. The public was misled,  
> mis-information, deliberate or otherwise was the norm, so to question  
> Chris regarding just his comments on Fukushima, is not as pertinent as  
> one could say about other topics discussed here on Radsafe. Fukushima  
> was a disaster with serious consequences and I am not confident that we  
> have all of the facts as to what happened, what the current state is and  
> how stable the reactors are, even today.
> Regards,
> Sandy
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