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Working link to Busby Laboratory pill bottle which was not working in prior


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WHAT???? Dr. Chris says the magic pills I mentioned and showed him
huckstering in a video at the link below are not sanctioned by him??

The video shows him on a children's swing waxing ecstatic about the
catastrophe he refers to as much worse than Chernobyl, while recommending
HIS pills:

In the above link there is a photo as one scans down of Dr. Chris [ click on
the arrow which takes you to a YouTube video ] huckstering the sale of HIS
pills, being sold by the so-called "Christopher Busby Foundation for the
Children of Fukushima". These magic detox pills contain the 4 minerals in
trace amounts I discussed in my previous post can be obtained for pennies in
any multivitamin, but for which Dr. Chris wants people he has scared out of
their wits to send him $75.

You have to watch the video of Dr. Chris at the above link. It's painful to
watch, but important to see. It is 9:58 of him scaring innocent people to
buy his overpriced, partial ingredient multi-vitamin detox pills that he has
the AUDACITY and hypocrisy to say in his note below are  "Not sanctioned by
me"?? Click on the link below of Dr. Chris' magic detox pills being sold in
the video above to see who is selling the pills Dr. Chris is hyping:


I promise you I did not Photoshop the above image. It is from the Dr. Chris'
video on YouTube. The image on the bottle also shows some hands holding up
the world, which is suggestive of delusional, self-aggrandizing ideation. To
believe Dr. Chris, the pills being offered for sale by the "Christopher
Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" and manufactured by "Busby
Laboratories" are not sanctiond by Dr. Christopher Busby!!! ??? This absurd
claim makes as much sense as various quasi-scientific misrepresentations
being "spewed" by  unethical parties trying to exploit Fukushima for fame
and fortune.

The video of Dr. Chris exploiting the Fukushima accident, and showing a
child's slide in the background in an empty playground [to engender a
subliminal emotional reaction by viewers about missing children], to sell
child radiation detox pills [which he says prevents radioactivity from
binding to DNA ] manufactured and labeled for sale by the "Busby Foundation
for the Children of Fukushima"  would be funny if it was not so sad. One
might think the video of Dr. Chris selling his magic pills is some kind of
satire appearing on a comedy show. Sadly it is not a satire and many people
will be scammed to send money for magic pills to "The Christopher Busby
Foundation for the Children of Fukushima". I wonder in what country the
"Busby Foundation for the Children of Fukushima" is based, if there is
really such a registered Corporation.  Is it a "non-profit"? Anyone want to
take some time to find out?

In some countries having proper Public Health and Consumer Protection
agencies, con-man are arrested for health fraud, and for making false
statements that could be considered as inciting public panic in an emergency
situation. What is witnessed on the first video link above posted by Dr.
Chris is disgusting and reprehensible. 

Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
Bridgeport, CT 06604
email: SAFarber at optonline.net

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Wonder and his Pills

2011/10/15 Busby, Chris <C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk>

> Not sanctioned by me; All I do is say what they should take. They can get
> it at the health food shop.
> Chris
> O.K.,

Did anybody think that Chris Busby (sorry, "Professor Busby") would admit
the facts that have been put forward? Maybe those who believe in Santa

If anybody would post advertising with my name and my picture, accompanied
by a video I would take immediately legal action and in Austria within a few
hours this advertising would be stopped and the distributors would have to
face a heavy penalty. It is furthermore illegal and forbidden to claim
medical properties of something which has not been officialy scrutinized by
the authorities. Vitamins and trace elements cannot be advertized to improve
health. Of course this would never happen to me, because I would not from
the very beginning allow anything like that. So I draw the conclusion that
contrary to his claim, Chris Busby had been involved in this campaign.

I wonder whether this Raman Spectroscopist has already taken legal action -
please inform us.

More to follow.

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