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Good evening Franz:

You acted appropriately.  The NRC in the US in addition to the RSO,  also 
holds the Head of the Facility  responsible.  It is written into the NRC 
License and since he (or she) has to be aware of what can and cannot be 
done.  You are correct, that if the Head violates the terms of he License 
and the RSO does not object, then the RSO is at fault.  Here, the Head signs 
the the final Application for the License and if they are not aware of the 
violation, we have a saying "ignorance is no excuse".  The Head is 
responsible.  In addition, the NRC has a 'hotline' that can be used to 
report the violation.


Ed Baratta

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Edmond et al.

In my country (Austria) the RSO is the person responsible for everything 
regarding radionuclear sources. When the idiot (head of my
institute of Food Control and Research and Doctor of Vetereinary Medicine 
(!!!!))  took my department from me I simply sent a note that I was not able 
any more to do my duty as a RSO  because I had no (unlimited)  access to my 
surveillance instruments nor to all the instruments (four ultra low-level 
LSC's, four -detectors) I operated before and to the infrastructre I had 
built up during about ten years. That was it. What happend afterwards I did 
not care about - which I hope is understandable
I think that the crucial point is that the RSO has to protest the violation 
of existing regulations. If he (she?) does not, consent might be 
automatically assumed.

Best regards,n


> I believe the RSO is not responsible as the person did it without his/her
> knowledge. How is the RSO able if people follow their own rules.  Also the
> person did it in violation of the USFDA, as I assume the nuclear material
> may have been in addition, under their jurisdiction.  One does not 
> transfer
> nuclear material as they wish.  This person needs training.  Maybe the RSO
> can be blamed for that.
> If that is plain enough, please let me know.
> Ed Baratta
> edmond0033 at comcast.net

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