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Dear Radsafe:
        From:    _jpreisig at aol.com_ (mailto:jpreisig at aol.com)       .
        Hope your week is starting  well.
        The Trenton Times (NJ), a  newspaper serving the Princeton, Trenton 
and Hamilton, NJ
areas, just had an article on windmills, windmill farms and the downside of 
 having windmills
in the path of Hurricanes, Cyclones, Typhoons and Tornadoes --- one bad  
such weather event can
ruin your whole wind farm.  
         Coal has the downside of  slag and burning products, as alluded to 
here on radsafe.
         Clearly,  Nuclear  Plants should not be placed in potential large 
Tsunami zones.  Oh  well.
Nuclear plants located elsewhere seem to be doing a good job of providing  
electric energy/power
reliably.  In the USA, many reactors are having their operating  lifetimes 
extended for another
10-20 years.  Some new nuclear plants may be built in the USA  someday.  
The Sodium/Salt
moderated nuclear reactor and other nuclear designs are being  researched.
        I guess solar energy will have  its place in society --- wish I 
could afford some solar panels and
a control system.  Once you add solar panels to your home, your house  
value and property 
taxes may go up.  Ouch.
        For the antinuke lurkers around  radsafe, I don't think nuclear 
power is going away any time
        Joe Calabrese used to write  (Sports) for the Trenton Times.
        Green's are all over the place  here in America.  Green is a rather 
common last name.
        Which recent Health Physics  Society President (who is from Hector, 
Minnesota) has
a serious collection of baseball BATS!!!!????
        Bayer makes aspirin,  right????  Bayern is a German word for the 
Southern part of
Germany known to us as Bavaria....
        Mr. Helbig, the antinukes are  everywhere ---  EPA, State 
Environmental Organizations,
Academia, working at nuclear plants and at National Laboratories.  Can  you 
pick out which people 
they are???  I can pick out some of them.
        For the serious antinukes, the  Environment is their religion.    
The Rock and  Roll music
establishment is largely antinuke.  I suspect some serious antinukes  would 
sell drugs and get
naked in movies to support their cause.
        I believe that many people in  America who have been unemployed for 
a number of years, are
turning to drug dealing as a way to support their families.  All  manner of 
people, occupations,
age groups are involved.   People I have met in college have been  involved 
in drug sales for 30+
years now.  Few are in jail.
         Many drugs in the USA come  from south of the US border.  More and 
more lately, drugs
are being manufactured and sold locally.  Can you name the drug of  choice 
that is being
manufactured locally????  The TV show Breaking Bad is very on point in  
this matter.
         I like nuclear power for  the future.  I would like Fusion (pie in 
the Sky????) even more.
         Again, I've said too much  already.
         Have a good week at work  and home.
         Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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