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Bereted Wonder and his Pills

Oct. 15

         More on Busby in general.  This link may have been posted 
here a few months ago.


Steven Dapra


Thanks Steven,

The link you provide leads to the same page as this one:


I have no way of knowing how accurate the info may or may not be, but the
author notes the following:

" Since I first wrote this blog, Busby has set up a website at
www.chrisbusbyexposed.org , presumably designed to distract people from this
one. On his new website, he promised "Over the next few weeks, Chris Busby
will address these issues [criticisms of his brand of "science"] and his
attackers one by one." That was over a year ago. So far he hasn't attempted
to refute a single fact. I wonder why? (Actually I don't really)."

Regarding the question of "how even Busby can believe his own explanation"
(as in "I believe that the project to take this material and burn all over
Japan is to destroy all of Japan, to increase the cancer rate in the whole
of Japan"), I find it strongly reminiscent of Rosalie Bertell and Helen
Caldicott: They all seem to know what "sells".

And speaking of selling, Busby's claim about "deliberately contaminating the
entire country" sounds like a good business plan -- I mean if you're going
to be scaring Japan's people into buying your magic mineral supplement
pills, you might as well *do the whole country*
 ....at nearly 130 million population, if just half of them buy a bottle of
Busby's pills each year over the next ten years - for $75 each - you're
looking at the UK's next billionaire !


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