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Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
Tue Oct 18 10:06:10 CDT 2011

The phone number given on the Busby detox4u.com magic rad detox pill site
[TEL: 415-670-9311 ] as being the phone number for  “Busby Laboratories”
comes up after googling a few links as the US number for a foreign company
Uedacell, which sells skin rejuvenation products. It does not appear there
is no legal entity called “ Busby Laboratories”. See:


It would seem that “Busby Laboratories” is another fantasy world act of
self-aggrandizement by a person who enjoys seeing their name in print, no
matter what lies have to told.  Nonsense is  being foisted on the scared
 people of Japan, recovering from multiple disasters,  for the personal
profit of a con-man.  I can’t imagine a more despicable action.

“The plot sickens” as is said.

Stewart Farber, MSPH
email: SAFarber at optonline.net

http://www.uedacell.com/lang/en/about-anc-ueda-tech-inc/   [aka “ Busby
Laboratories” ]

About Anc Ueda Tech Inc 

Korea is a listed company (Ltd.) Anc Bio Holdings (KOSDAQ Q39670, Iikufan
typical), a subsidiary of (bottom) Anc Bio (Choi Jung-won President) will be
entered into a technology licensing agreement with the cell treatments, a
joint company ( Anc Ueda Tech Inc company. Hyoung Hwa Jeong President) was

The next (lower) Anc Bio, the Corporation with the Anc Bio Holdings, the
world will continue to expand sales of cosmetic products tailor-made stem
cells of our products and cosmetics. 

At the same time, Vermont and American (bottom) EB is a joint venture with
the Anc Bio-technology was chosen because the cells of our stem cell program
five plants, will, in cooperation with Vermont, the right product sales
holdings, Anc Ueda Tech Inc. We have the global expansion. 

Also, now including politicians and government officials in Vermont, South
Korean politicians are invited to name the 20, EB-held a reception party in
South Korea was established in plant stem cell program 5. 

Occasion, Anc Ueda Tech Inc. Are, EB - We acquired this exclusive
distribution rights in plant stem cell program in Japan 5.

On Tue, Oct 18, 2011 at 12:12 AM, Stewart Farber <SAFarber at optonline.net>
One of the links on Busby's Japanese site [ See http://www.4u-detox.com  ]
pointing people to order his trace mineral detox4u tablets for $75 a bottle,
notes that the company which manufactures his magic pills [Busby
Laboratories according to the label of the bottle shown on-line ] is located
in California.

The address given is:
341 Cabrillo
San Pedro, CA
TEL: 415-670-9311
Mail: contact at 4u-detox.com

If the pills that Busby is selling are made in the US,  as seems to be the
case, it should be something the US Food and Drug Administration may be
interested,  since Busby is making such extreme, unsubstantiated claims
about the benefits of trace amounts of 4 minerals Ca, Mg, Se, and Mo. found
in higher or similar concentrations in almost any multivitamin.

If there was ever doubt in anyone's mind that "Dr. Busby" is a scare-monger
trying to profit financially by scaring people, one only needs to watch his
nauseating display swinging on a child's swing in a playground in Sweden. [
See http://www.4u-detox.com  ]. No matter how much one tries to puff up
one's CV, exaggerations of the benefits of some product after scaring people
based on distortions and falsehoods, is ultimately reprehensible, if not
illegal behavior.

Watch the video.  It's enlightening and on a certain level quite funny.

One of the pages on the detox.com Japanese site is roughly translated from
the Japanese by Google:

Dr. Busby http://www.4u-detox.com/ Supplement # cc-m-product-5770752970 5800

Dr. Busby supplements
Mixed calcium and magnesium supplements were developed over the years, Dr.
Christopher Busby of the European Radiation Risk Committee.

Calcium Magnesium has been used, an American factory using supplements and
world renowned Jonathan Light supplements are manufactured using our
carefully selected ingredients.


Calcium Lactate 800mg

800mg calcium lactate
Magnesium Oxide 300mg

300mg of magnesium oxide
Sodium selenate 50micrograms

Sodium selenite 50micrograms
Sodium molybdate 25micrograms

25micrograms sodium molybdate
plus cellulose etc bulking agents etc

Cellulose and the like

Another link on the www.4u-detox.com site asks for donations to be sent to
Busby. The donations page link is:


Scroll down to the link for "Donations" and it takes you to a bank account
for Account: Green Audit.
Since money is being solicited for wire transfer directly to "Green Audit"
Busby's anti-nuclear activist group it would suggest there is no separate
legal entity called the  "Chris Busby Foundation for the Children of

For a very rough translation of the Japanese cover page intro to the
www.cbfcf.org   [cbfcf.org = "Chris Busby Foundation for the Children of
see the Google translation below. Busby is hawking a link to his mineral
pills and asking people to save hair samples for Uranium analysis to use for
future lawsuits. See the http://www.cbfcf.org/ site, copy the Japanese text,
and paste it into the translate from Japanese to English or German or
whatever to get an idea of what this so called foundation pushing the sale
of expensive mineral supplements is all about.

Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
Farber Medical Solutions, LLC
Bridgeport, CT 06604



On Sun, 16 Oct 2011 00:07:32 -0400, parthasarathy k s <ksparth at yahoo.co.uk>
Dear Steven,

Chris Busby is not alone in selling magic pills against radiation. For the
past two years, I have been keeping track of a company which sells what is
known as "BioshieldRadiation". Their claims have no basis. They were
marketing an expensive dietary supplement for radiation workers, frequent
fliers, people resident near nuclear power plants etc. The company managed
to get their product endorsed by some interventional cardiologists. The
contact is mutually beneficial. Cardiologists can use CT scan units in an
unbridled way, because if the patients consume their magic pill, the ill
effects of radiation will vanish!!. Some cardiologists are prescribing the
pill to their patients. Auntminnie.com a trade journal published an article
on the pill without asking any questions. The company did not publish any
papers on their product in a peer reviewed journal. They presented papers in
conferences; they published press releases.

An adviser to the company claimed that the company secured an order worth
millions of dollars from Japan for the magic pills after the Fukushima
accident.  US FDA caught up with them and issued the following warning


The company continued to sell on line the magic pill for several months.
Recently, their once attractive web site is getting redesigned. They have
withdrawn the earlier contents, possibly to satisfy the USFDA.

Believe it or not a prestigious medical journal from the UK accepted a paper
from me against the magic pill for publication as a feature article,
revealed its soft underbelly, dilly dallied for several months and informed
me that they cannot publish it for fear of litigation!

Radiation safety professionals must be constantly alert against the snake
oil merchants!


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Oct. 15

        "Not sanctioned" by you, but the magic pills are in bottle
that says "Busby Labs" and you are pushing them as hard as you
can.  What do you have to do before your sanction is on a product?

        What are your medical qualifications to tell anyone what
medicines or medicinals he should take?  Sounds to me like you are
getting very close to practicing medicine without a license.

Steven Dapra

At 07:46 AM 10/15/2011, you wrote:
Not sanctioned by me; All I do is say what they should take. They
can get it at the health food shop.

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If there was ever any doubt that "Dr. Chris"....  was a scaremonger who it
could be argued exemplifies the worst actions of a con-man trying to profit
by misleading vulnerable people,  they should look at the link posted by
Roger Helbig below.


Dr. Phil had better watch out since Dr. Chris wants to bump Dr. Phil out of
the limelight by presenting world-saving YouTube performances about the
dangers of Fukushima.

Stewart Farber, MS Public Health
Farber Medical Solutions, LLC
Bridgeport, CT 06604

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