[ RadSafe ] Panic time --- 195 Bq found in Yokohama

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A lot of good presentations on Fukushima, Risks and Communication, at the ARPS Meeting in Melbourne. ARPANSA provided a lot of data that has been measured, in accurate terms. The various presentations will be posted on their website after the meeting. Met a lof of my Aussie colleagues with whom I have corresponded with over the past 15 years, and now had face-to-face dialogues.


Sandy Perle
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Oct. 18

	Quote is from "Earthweek A Diary of the Planet."

"About 195 becquerels of the radioactive isotope [Sr-90], believed to 
be from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, was discovered in dust 
on top of an apartment building in the port of Yokohama, about 15 
miles south of Tokyo."

	Link is to the squib about the Sr-90.


Steven Dapra

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