[ RadSafe ] Panic time --- 195 Bq found in Yokohama

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Wed Oct 19 05:51:02 CDT 2011

Typical for those "idxxxts" - 195 Bq per mm2, per km2? - nor to talk about the question how it was measured, by whom and when.

It is amazing how humans can distort and twist possible "facts" to adjust them to work for their political agenda.

At the moment I prepare some information about the person I call either "raman spectroscopist" or "universal genius". Whenever I read something on "Prof, mult. Dr." Chris Busby on RADSAFE I start to laugh. In the meantime I collected very easily some evidence of his diatribe.  I will distribute it soon. Especially I contacted my family doctor as announced on RADSAFE and I hope that not many on RADSAFE will be surprised by his "diagnosis".  

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---- Steven Dapra <sjd at swcp.com> schrieb:
> Oct. 18
> 	Quote is from "Earthweek A Diary of the Planet."
> "About 195 becquerels of the radioactive isotope [Sr-90], believed to 
> be from the crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, was discovered in dust 
> on top of an apartment building in the port of Yokohama, about 15 
> miles south of Tokyo."
> 	Link is to the squib about the Sr-90.
> http://www.earthweek.com/2011/ew111014/ew111014a.html
> Steven Dapra
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