[ RadSafe ] RadSafe Digest, Vol 778, Issue 1

DORAN, GERARD A GDORAN at entergy.com
Wed Oct 19 14:51:38 CDT 2011

Subject: [ RadSafe ] Gral question on RSO liabilities

Forgive me if my response is not based on a complete read of all applicable Radsafe posts on this subject.  I have read just a few on this point and would like to chime in.  The answer to the question about who is responsible for the shipment of material without proper controls should be a product of an evaluation of the process controls.  What procedures or protocols are established within the group to control the shipment of materials?  I would expect to see a process that contains approvals and reviews prior to any shipment.  I would also expect to see that personnel involved in the potential handling or shipping of those materials understand the process.  Perhaps it is not the fault of the RSO or the manager.  Perhaps the error has identified a latent gap in the existing process.

As far as reporting the issue.  I would first get an understanding of what type of timelines are involved in providing information to regulating authorities.  Then use the time wisely to evaluate and document the issue, including the identification of the root cause or apparent causes and a corrective action plan.

Gerry Doran, CHP  

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