[ RadSafe ] Findings of enriched U in Fallujah and elsewhere

Joe Toole joetoole at jt9958.freeserve.co.uk
Wed Oct 19 17:37:43 CDT 2011

I have now looked at your 'Fallujah' uranium paper. From what I can see there, the mean 238U/235U mass isotopic ratio for hair is between 132.26 and 138.06 (two standard deviations). For soil samples, the mean 238U/235U mass isotopic ratio is between 117.2 and 140.8 (two standard deviations). It is also mentioned later in the paper that the 2sd confidence interval for natural uranium for the soil analysis method is 132.1 to 144.1. It is difficult to see where you get your certainty that EU is present.
Further, there is no information in the paper on the results of U isotopic quality control standards - were they run, did they show a measurement bias, was the bias corrected?
What of the U isotopic results for tap water, well water and Euphrates water, I dont see them reported. Did they show any evidence for EU or DU?
In my opinion, if you are going to make exotic claims about widespread contamination by EU mystery weapons, you need to have strong QC to support the claims.
Maybe Harwell Scientifics will allow you to send me the lab reports, I was manager of the radionuclide analysis section there for 13 years. I would also not mind seeing the German lab report.

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