[ RadSafe ] Findings of enriched U in Fallujah and elsewhere

Maury maurysis at peoplepc.com
Wed Oct 19 14:57:12 CDT 2011

All too true. There are times when Occam doesn't need a shave and 
nonsense is apparent by simple visual inspection.
Maury&Dog [MaurySiskel maurysis at peoplepc.com]

On 10/19/2011 2:18 PM, Douglas Minnema wrote:
> Sorry, I don't have access to the origianl papers right now.  Just how "enriched" is this material?  And what methods and isotopic ratios were used to determine the "enrichment?"  Similar to EU, not all DU is the same mix of isotopes.
> I would suspect that uranium of any enrichment is much more valuable than DU, and I see absolutely no logical value in using enriched uranium in any of the cases described here.  In other words, there is no financial or weapon-based advantage to using EU over DU.  Furthermore, it is illogical to use EU in order to "disguise" the use of uranium-based penetrators; why not use natural uranium??
> Occams razor could also be used to suggest that somebody is mis-interpreting the lab results.
> Doug Minnema
>>>> "Busby, Chris"<C.Busby at ulster.ac.uk>  10/19/11 1:00 PM>>>
> Yes, that is a reasonable suggestion and you may be sure that I thought of it.
> It does not explain the enriched uranium in the Lebanon in the bomb crater and air filter nor the enriched uranium in Gaza samples.

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