[ RadSafe ] Is there a threshold for radiation effects?

Jerry Cohen jjc105 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 15:05:37 CDT 2011

Dr. Edward Calabrese has received much criticism recently for suggesting that 
Muller may have willfully withheld information indicating  the existence dose 
threshold for radiation effects. Muller's research had a strong influence on the 
early BEIR committee recommendations for the assumption of LNT which provided 
the basis for many radiation exposure regulations, primarily ALARA.


Since Muller is deceased, we may never know what his motivations were, but the 
overwhelming evidence currently available indicates that LNT is a bogus concept. 
Adherence to LNT has caused the needless squandering of billions dollars to 
protect against a nonexistsent risk. There has been much discussion on radsafe 
on this issue. I was wondering whether the recent "revelations" have changed 
anybody's opinion on the subject.

Jerry Cohen

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