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This sort of a list does exist out there in several places - many of the more traditional compiled listings locations I'd call them for this sort of info - ANS listing, Nuclear Engrg International Directory/handbook listing, DOE Reactors Operating, Under Construction or Planned listing....but I am sure NEI may also very well have this info too.

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I think that this information we be very hard to come by. Perhaps a good
initial contact would be Ralph Andersen at NEI, rla at nei.org



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On 10/21/11 12:10 PM, "Stewart Farber" <SAFarber at optonline.net> wrote:

>I recall the original question about reactors  included an interest in
>finding a list that included not just power plants that were operating or
>had been operating, but facilities that might have been proposed and then
>cancelled. If not,  I'd like to see the latter info. I'm trying to get a
>good list of the latter.
>It would be very useful to see what nuclear power plant projects were
>cancelled after initial licensing like Environmental Reports [ER back in
>1970s] and Preliminary Safety Analysis Report [PSAR] with some having gone
>ahead to site preparation,  and even construction before being cancelled.
>I'd like to see such a list since it would give an idea of some of the
>financial, environmental, and strategic costs involved. I'm familiar with
>few cancelled nuclear plants in and around New England, including:
>Charlestown, RI [Charleston 1 and 2 -each 1050 MW[e] proposed by New
>Electric System -cancelled 1981;
>Greene County Nuclear Plant [ 1000 MW[e] proposed by New York Power
>Authority -Cancelled in 1979 - distinction of being the FIRST nuclear
>project cancelled after TMI];
>Seabrook II [ 1,050 MW[e] - cancelled 1984 after containment partially
>erected - See the rusting containment of Unit 2 before it was covered when
>FP&L purchased it:

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