[ RadSafe ] Greenpeace - an antinuclear multimillion business

franz.schoenhofer at chello.at franz.schoenhofer at chello.at
Sun Oct 23 14:36:44 CDT 2011


Everybody knows "Greenpeace", but are all of you aware of the financial background of this multimillion business? 

Greenpeace has proudly presented the newly built "Rainbow Warrior III", proudly distributed pictures of all the features, from "top to toe", cabins, kitchen etc. Not luxury, but quite comfortable for those who want to "battle" in hard sea the whalers. Helicopter platforms, what ever is needed to fight those who do not obey the demands of Greenpeace. 

Much more interesting might be the fact that the costs to build it was 23 Million. Since this information was distributed in Austria I suppose it is Euros and the sum has to multiplied by about 1.4 to yield the US$ amount. 

Greenpeace income is according to this source about 230 million Euros per year. 

Draw your own conclusions.


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