[ RadSafe ] Greenpeace - an antinuclear multimillion business

Demetrios Okkalides od at tlmq.com
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I have been wandering about that. Aren't such organizations obliged to 
publish accounts? I have tried to find such information about "greens" in 
Greece, like WWF, Greenpeace, etc. Couldn't find any. Have you any 
information about Austrian groups?


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> Everybody knows "Greenpeace", but are all of you aware of the financial 
> background of this multimillion business?
> Greenpeace has proudly presented the newly built "Rainbow Warrior III", 
> proudly distributed pictures of all the features, from "top to toe", 
> cabins, kitchen etc. Not luxury, but quite comfortable for those who want 
> to "battle" in hard sea the whalers. Helicopter platforms, what ever is 
> needed to fight those who do not obey the demands of Greenpeace.
> Much more interesting might be the fact that the costs to build it was 23 
> Million. Since this information was distributed in Austria I suppose it is 
> Euros and the sum has to multiplied by about 1.4 to yield the US$ amount.
> Greenpeace income is according to this source about 230 million Euros per 
> year.
> Draw your own conclusions.
> Franz
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