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Brennan, Mike (DOH) Mike.Brennan at DOH.WA.GOV
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I admit that before watching this interview, I didn't have much respect
for Chris Busby's technical or ethical integrity.  But I had some.  Not

Assuming that any lab work was done at all (something that I would not
take as given simply because Chris Busby said so; in fact that would
make me doubt it), it seems obvious that those doing it are unaware of
the existence of uranium in the environment.  Though I suppose Chris
Busby could have intentionally misinterpreted a lab report that found
only natural uranium, or perhaps didn't find any at all (I have in the
past gone back to the lab that did work for activists, and found that
the lab did not agree with the activist's statements about the results).

It is a shame the reporter didn't bring in someone more knowledgeable
about uranium and more versed in logic than 
Chris Busby.  Someone about the level I was as a senior in high school.

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The following headline's use of "alleged" and "might have" don't seem
convincing.  The use of "maybe", "possibly conceivable", and "wild
could have been included.

"Alleged use of uranium-enhanced weapons by US-led forces might have
birth defects and cancer increase"


Mike Kitto
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