[ RadSafe ] CB interview on enriched U

Scubaeqhp scubaeqhp at netscape.net
Wed Oct 26 23:36:34 CDT 2011

StevenFrey states: 
>Why are we tolerating this stealth stalker of RADSAFE members who goes  by 
he nom de plume of James Salsman? Already once, he tried to  harm the 
mployment status of one of the legitimate members of this board...and  boasted 
bout it when caught. His predatory behavior can only impose a  chilling 
ffect on free discourse here.

t strains belief that this stalker has not already been barred from  
ADSAFE forever. What would it take to delete him or her from the  users' list?<

or me Salesman, Bushbee et. al. are comic relief. It it really entertaining 
to see how much they can dance and dodge around the facts and rebuttals that
are thrown back at them without really addressing the problems of their own 
making. And as for Jimmie's ability to get someone fired for statements 
on this list, I HIGHLY doubt it. He tried it with me once and someone 
from the HR dept. called me about it. When I finished describing Jimmie 
and his antinuke tactics, and forwarded some of his rants, both the HR 
guy and I were laughing ourselves sick. Jimmie's email went up on my 
"wall of fools" at the top. 
Interesting that the antinukes haven't caught on to a well known upcoming 
event involving radioactive material that they usually screech and howl about. 
Haven't heard a peep out of them about it. 

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