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StevenFrey at aol.com StevenFrey at aol.com
Wed Oct 26 22:23:37 CDT 2011

Why are we tolerating this stealth stalker of RADSAFE members who goes  by 
the nom de plume of James Salsman? Already once, he tried to  harm the 
employment status of one of the legitimate members of this board...and  boasted 
about it when caught. His predatory behavior can only impose a  chilling 
effect on free discourse here.
It strains belief that this stalker has not already been barred from  
RADSAFE forever. What would it take to delete him or her from the  users' list?
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sjd at swcp.com writes:

Oct.  26

I suspect Salsman's request that  as a Navy veteran you can 
help him obtain statistics is a clever and  subtle way of insulting 
you (or whomever might happen to be his  victim).

If a veteran can't call the  Department of Veterans Affairs 
and promptly get whatever he wants it must  mean there is something 
wrong with the veteran.  (Hint, hint.)   Perhaps he has a bad 
discharge.  (Hint, hint.)

James --- no veteran know when the DVA is going to publish  
its statistics.  There's probably a better than even chance that the  
Department itself doesn't know.  You have said on RADSAFE that you  
have talked on the telephone with Han Kang.  Kang is a VA  
researcher.  If you want veterans' statistics why don't you call Kang  
up and ask him for them?

Steven Dapra

At 06:07 PM  10/26/2011, you wrote:


>I have no idea as to why you  think that my having been in the Navy gives
>me any pull with an  organization that tracks births and infants.  I
>wouldn't know  where to begin.
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>Since you were in the Navy, would you please help  me with my request
>for the statistics subsequent to 2001 from the U.S.  Birth and Infant
>Health Registry?  I have still not been able to  obtain that data.
>When do you think the Department of Veterans Affairs  will publish
>anything about it  since
>James  Salsman

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