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Steven Dapra sjd at swcp.com
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Oct. 26

         I suspect Salsman's request that as a Navy veteran you can 
help him obtain statistics is a clever and subtle way of insulting 
you (or whomever might happen to be his victim).

         If a veteran can't call the Department of Veterans Affairs 
and promptly get whatever he wants it must mean there is something 
wrong with the veteran.  (Hint, hint.)  Perhaps he has a bad 
discharge.  (Hint, hint.)

         James --- no veteran know when the DVA is going to publish 
its statistics.  There's probably a better than even chance that the 
Department itself doesn't know.  You have said on RADSAFE that you 
have talked on the telephone with Han Kang.  Kang is a VA 
researcher.  If you want veterans' statistics why don't you call Kang 
up and ask him for them?

Steven Dapra

At 06:07 PM 10/26/2011, you wrote:


>I have no idea as to why you think that my having been in the Navy gives
>me any pull with an organization that tracks births and infants.  I
>wouldn't know where to begin.
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>Since you were in the Navy, would you please help me with my request
>for the statistics subsequent to 2001 from the U.S. Birth and Infant
>Health Registry?  I have still not been able to obtain that data.
>When do you think the Department of Veterans Affairs will publish
>anything about it since
>James Salsman

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