[ RadSafe ] "Enriched Uranium" weapons

Anagnostopoulos, Harry (CONTR) H.Anagnostopoulos at nv.doe.gov
Thu Oct 27 12:23:05 CDT 2011



As some background information, the claim by the anti-DU crowd of
enriched uranium being found is not new or unusual. I had the same issue
raised by an activist group in Indiana when working on the
decommissioning of a DU firing range. This claim generally arises when
personnel, who are not trained, attempt to interpret isotopic U data
that is near background levels. They fail to include the uncertainty in
the measurement of each isotope when looking at the U ratios. The ratio,
on face value, might be suggestive of EU, but when the uncertainties are
promulgated and plotted,  the real story is told.


At first, it was funny. Even when we spent the time to train them on the
principles of radioactive counting and showed them examples, they
persisted in their claim. Ultimately, they embarrassed themselves and
damaged THEIR credibility. Then it was sort of sad...


Please don't spend too much capitol on this issue.





Harry Anagnostopoulos, CHP



"In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but
planning is indispensable."

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