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Some 6-7 years ago someone said that one of the men (possibly with the last name Wilson) at the radium production plant in Pennsylvania was so contaminated that he was used as a standard for calibrations. Unfortunately I cannot remember for sure who said this and I am not even sure that I got the story correct. I have tried to google to get more substance to this but been unsuccessful.
It is certainly clear that some people working with radium during the approx. years 1910-1940 became heavily contaminated with radium and even exhaled radon as a consequence of the radium burden (the dial painters are probably the best known examples, see Claudia Clark's Radium Girls which is great reading for anyone interested in that particular tragedy). On the other hand I do not want to contribute to false information regarding the man mentioned above (provided the character of the story is correct in the first place).
Question: Does anyone of you know anything about the story around this man so that I could read more and get a better grasp of the context? Here is one link relating to Standard Chemical Company and Canonsburg, Pa:
One man who definitely became heavily contaminated was Sabin von Sochocky  who was contaminated enough to distort laboratory readings (he was the originator of the luminous paint formula and one of the founders of U.S. Radium, dead 1928) but that was a different story than the one I am asking about.
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