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Stewart Farber SAFarber at optonline.net
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Hello Theo,
Your video seems like a worthwhile project.

When you mentioned needing English speaking radiation specialists in Brazil,
I thought of a person I had met back in the 1970s while he was earning a
Ph.D at the Sterling Forest research center of NYU studying under Dr. Merril
Eisenbud. The name of this specialist was Dr. Anselmo Paschoa who had
returned to Brazil after he carried out some environmental radiation studies
for my firm, involved with the Seabrook Nuclear Plant licensing. Dr. Paschoa
held senior positions in Brazil involved with Environmental Radiation and
Nuclear Energy.

In checking on his contact info a few minutes ago, I was saddened to read
that Dr. Paschoa died a few months ago. His obituary [roughly translated]
reads, in part:

"Last Thursday, 24th March [2011], during a meeting at the Brazilian Physics
Society, when the Brazilian nuclear program and the actual organization of
the Brazilian nuclear sector was under discussion, Anselmo Paschoa, fell.
Urgent relief, CPR, resuscitation apparently effective, repeated
arrhythmias, but does not seem to have recovered consciousness until his
death less than two days later, at dawn on 26th March. Anselmo died as he
always lived: combative, integrity and firm in his convictions.
"Anselmo was born in 1937, graduated (Bachelors Degree) in Physics from the
Faculty of Philosophy, National University of Brazil (1962), M.Sc. in
Radiological Health from New York University (NYU) in 1971 and Ph.D. in
Nuclear Sciences and Engineering, also at NYU in 1975. Was Professor at the
Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro PUC-Rio (1996-2005). He joined the
PUC-Rio in 1965 as Assistant Professor. He was visiting Professor at the
University of Utah (1982-1985) and Guest Scientist at Brookhaven National
Laboratory (1984). He was also Director of Radiation Protection, Nuclear
Safety and Safeguards of Nuclear Energy National Commission (1990-1992).
First of all, for his work at NYU, with Prof. Merril Eisenbud, he was one of
the precursors of Radioecology in Brazil. One of his last major achievement
was the organization of the 8th International Symposium on the Natural
Radiation Environment (NRE-VIII), held in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro, October
2007, which proceedings was published as a book by the Elsevier in 2010. He
was actually member of the Natural Radiation Environment Association (NREA)
(from Jose Marcus Godoy)

I thought the above obit might offer you a number of possible points of
contact to find a person to assist in your project:

--Catholic University of Rio de Janiero PUC-Rio
-- Nuclear Safety and Safeguards of Nuclear Energy National Commission
-- Natural Radiation Environment Association (NREA) board
-- MRE-VIII Proceedings for which Dr. Paschoa was editor -Elsevier 2010

The above link provides a way to find libraries which have the  published
proceedings. It is about $200 to purchase. I think there would be a number
of authors listed in this book related to elevated background areas in
Brazil, who are expert in many aspects of Environmental Radioactivity, speak
English, and live in Brazil.

Good luck with your project,

Stewart Farber, MSPH
SAFarber at optonline.net


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I am preparing a video  for which we will visit both the surroundings of
the Chernobyl area as well as the beaches of Guarapari in Brazil. The
first is considered hell on earth, the second paradise, but nevertheless
the radiation levels in hell are much lower then in paradise. We intend
to contrast the two with a permanent on screen Geiger counter and hope
to convey the message that we are unnecessarily radiophobic.  Everything
will be recorded in HD by a professional cameraman, in case you
wondered. The vid will be available on the internet from the summer of

In Brazil however they speak Portuguese and in Ukraine (is Ukrainian a
different language then Russian, I do not know?), so I am very much
looking for English speaking contacts in both areas that are more or
less knowledgeable on radiation . Are these people in this group, or can
anyone refer me?

Many thanks

Theo Richel

theo at richel.org
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