[ RadSafe ] Polonium-210 poisoning

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PLEASE take this disagreement off-line... Please.....  You both have
interesting posts when not "at war" w/each other. I'd hate to have to
block all of your email messages because of this obvious feud you two
have going on...


Joel Baumbaugh

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How about doing some literature research - 
Radiums, 228 I think" -this is sound science? 

Best regards to RADSAFErs, but not to Chris Busby


---- "Busby schrieb:
> Well they originally thought it was Tl206, which has that big gamma 
> line up in the 2.2MeV region because there was some weak gamma, thats 
> the decay series of one of the Radiums, 228 I think. That would fit 
> with a kitchen operation. But I didnt hear about any reactor gamma 
> nuclide. This is from memory but its one of the Tl s Chris
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> Do I not recall some gamma spec (yes gamma) was done which linked it
to reactor based production (based on impurities) ?
> Rgs
> Mark

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