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Dear Franz
I was speaking on Russia Today and Sky News on this topic and was in touch with the NRPB and HPA in the UK. The quantity of Po210 in Litvinenko was assessed and published by HPA. I visited the Millenium Hotel after it had been cleared.
You really dont seem to know much about this. You dont seem to know about the Tl gammas. Radium tubes are tubes which contained radium of course and indeed I have measured in my lab  ww2 military compasses with sufficient activity to enable the amount of Po210 that was used on Litvinenko to be extracted. 

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How about doing some literature research - in this case even a google search would do - before you distribute your absurd and completely wrong "analysis" of what happened. Looking at Google you might have found under "Franz Schoenhofer, Litvinenko" among some other papers a paper which my collegue Gabriele Wallner, Ferdinand Steger and I prepared on the topic of how to detect such poisoning within a few hours. It also contains the background information about production of Po-210, its use, its radiologic characterisation. Not at least it lists my personal experience, because I was in London at the time the poisoning was detected and I am seriously annoyed, that the UK which has a treasure of radiochemists and experts were not able to find the reason of the poisoning within a few hours. It seemed to me to be a matter of bureaucracy. 

Your comment is more than unnecessary  because it does not include anything new or until now not known. Tl-206? you are kidding! this could have been verified within a few minutes. "Decay series of one of the Radiums, 228 I think" -this is sound science? 

Best regards to RADSAFErs, but not to Chris Busby


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> Well they originally thought it was Tl206, which has that big gamma line up in the 2.2MeV region because there was some weak gamma, thats the decay series of one of the Radiums, 228 I think. That would fit with a kitchen operation. But I didnt hear about any reactor gamma nuclide. This is from memory but its one of the Tl s
> Chris
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> Do I not recall some gamma spec (yes gamma) was done which linked it to reactor based production (based on impurities) ?
> Rgs
> Mark
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