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Mike Quastel maay100 at bgu.ac.il
Wed Sep 14 07:55:36 CDT 2011

OK. Here's the link to the Bandazhevsky report. Apparently  
attachments are not permitted.
The Busby thesis that Cs-137 is radiotoxic to the heart seems to be  
based on the brief cardiology aspects of the paper - unless he can  
provide us with something more substantial.



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> I'm trying to send this again. It worked with a friend just now.
> I checked Busby's reference to YI Bandazhevsky as the source of his  
> information on alleged Cs-137 induced cardiomyopathy in children.
> There seems to be one reference - at least that I could find with  
> Google Scholar - in the SWISS MED WKLY 2004;134:725–729, entitled,  
> "Relationship between Caesium (137Cs) load, cardiovascular  
> symptoms, and source of food in “Chernobyl” children – preliminary  
> observations after intake of oral apple pectin". The full paper is  
> attached here. Rather skimpy evidence. Perhaps Dr. Busby will let  
> us know whether a more serious study has been published.
>  Mike

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