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     Got H, Deuterium, Tritium, He-3??? just lying  around in gaseous form, 
and leaking out all over your laboratory????  Well,  fix the problem.  
Store H, Deuterium, Tritium in Uranium and/or  depleted
Uranium.  We used to do this at EMR Photoelectric/Schlumberger all the  
time.  Other metals can
be used as a getter also.
      Put depleted U or Uranium in a storage  /metal container connected to 
a vacuum system.
Make good vacuum in your system, heat the Uranium up to some temperature  
and then bring the Uranium
back down to room temperature.  The temperature is in the scientific  
literature somewhere, or ask
the engineers at EMR Photoelectric/Schlumberger Technologies (Wallace Road  
in Princeton Junction,
New Jersey) for this information.  This is a pre-treatment step.
      Next, under good vacuum, with the vacuum  pump(s) turned off and 
disconnected from the rest of the
vacuum system, introduce H/Deuterium/Tritium into the rest of the  system.  
Heat up the U again
and then begin to cool the Uranium gradually ---- the H/Deuterium/Tritium  
will be absorbed/
adsorbed??? into the Uranium.  Heat and cool Uranium to liberate  and/or 
absorb the H/Deuterium/
Tritium.   Need to store more H/Deuterium/Tritium??? --- prepare  another 
uranium getter load...
       Watch what you are doing --- do not  force H/deuterium/tritium into 
your mechanical and/or
diffusion pump!!!!
       Repeat processes as needed.
       On an unrelated topic, a while ago 60  Minutes or another TV show, 
described how
persons with epilepsy or other seizure disorders were being treated by  
implanting a
microcomputer/chip into their brain.  The microcomputer could detect  the 
onset of a seizure
and would then act to limit the severity (and duration) of the  seizure.  
The method
apparently works.  Talk to a relevant doctor for more information or  
google for more
        Have a good week!!!!
        Regards,     Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig, PhD

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