[ RadSafe ] Re. Tritium found near VT Yankee (panic time!)

Fredrick L. Miller millerfl at tricity.wsu.edu
Wed Sep 14 12:17:42 CDT 2011

The Vermont Department of Health would be well advised to stay upstream
of any and all universities engaged in research within the United States
lest they send themselves into a blind panic over this imminent public
health menace.  Best they stick to testing syrup and making sure the
quaint factor is turned up high enough for tourist season.

Fred Miller

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Aug. 18

	The article begins:

"The Vermont Department of Health said it has found detectable traces 
of radioactive tritium from the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant in 
the Connecticut River."

	Has anyone ever found non-detectable traces of anything,
radioactive or not?


Steven Dapra

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