[ RadSafe ] Did Professor Muller lie when he claimed that there is no safe level of radiation?

parthasarathy k s ksparth at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 21 05:56:37 CDT 2011


The September  issue of  Archives of Toxicology and Environmental and Molecular Mutagenesis contains a provocative paper by Prof Edward Calabrese. 

By piecing together various letters and other material he showed that Prof Muller, considered to be one of the fathers of radiation genetics, knowingly lied in 1946 when he claimed that there is no safe level of radiation.

This discovery, if substantiated, may have profound impact. Calabrese has traced the complete story. I could not get access to the full text of the paper; you may access a summary from the following link 


It is quite unnerving to think that the edifice of radiation protection has such an infamous beginning


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