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What do you expect from Chris Busby, who has been exposed for his xxllllxllllwoipqaoewuriputiphab (this is to avoid being critizised for
"unapproriate wording" by the moderator) ???  

I had the "honour" of being attacked by this raman-spectroscopist, because I once commented on RADSAFE on one of his fake journal articles about enriched uranium dust from the near east having been sampled in the UK near a nuclear fuel establishment. 

The question is sure not, whether this person should be taken serious, it rather is, how to prevent that he does more and more damage to public opinion. 

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---- "Brennan schrieb:
> >...he accused Israel of using enriched uranium in Lebanon because
> depleted uranium was too easy to detect.   
> Really?  That's like accusing someone of using gold in their bullets
> rather than led, so that people would steal the spent rounds rather than
> leaving them for the police to find.
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