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       Jerry Cohen, Radsafe:
                The peaks in Earth polar motion occurred in 1910, 1954, 
1998 and so on.   For recent VLBI
(Very Long Baseline Interferometry) data about Earth polar motion, do a  
google search
        Goddard Space Flight  Center AND VLBI.  You can see the peaks in 
the VLBI polar motion  data.
For older polar motion data, see International Latitudinal Service (ILS)  
polar motion data.
        During these polar motion peaks  (rather broad peaks in time), the 
Earth's geometric
(polar)axis dips extra strongly towards and away from the Sun, depending on 
 the Earth season.
The Earth dipping more strongly towards the Sun will cause the Earth to get 
 warmer than average.
In the years around 1998, this extra heat will accumulate over time and  
Earth temperatures will
be extra warm, as we and NASA have seen.  Things should get cooler or  at 
least closer to average
behavior in the next 5 years.  There may be a linear global warming  
component of temperature
due to Carbon, etc. but I do not think it is all that large.  Data for  
Earth temperature should give us 
some idea in the next 10 years what is really going on.  Global  cooling 
will take place from
1998 to 2020.  The last global cooling episode occurred from 1954 to  
This isn't a pie in the sky non-provable hypothesis --- data do exist to  
resolve the problem rather
         Papers already exist on  LNT --- read them.  Take the LNT data and 
fit them with the best  fitting
numerical equation.  Use Chi-squared test (or whatever) to judge  the 
goodness of the data fitting.
Don't use too many data fitting parameters or too few.  In low  radiation 
Energy/low dose rate regions
of an dose/effect plot, if there are no data, then there are no  data.  
Extrapolate into the
data-free region.  Did Mueller err on the side of safety????
        Parthasarathy (and Health  Physicists in Brazil, South Carolina, 
India etc.) please tell local
beach citizens to return the beach sand to its original location after  
they've removed the Thorium
from the local beach sand.  I guess the Thorium/U233 reactor fuel  cycle 
will have its downside
affecting local ocean beaches.  Then again, an industrious person with  a 
dump truck (rented),
might be able to pay off a whole home (for his/her family???) with one  
year's work getting Thorium from
beach sand???  Maybe not ---- I haven't made any rigorous calculation  
about this type of work.
One could separate the Thorium from the sand with a large scale  
chemical-lab type of centrifuge????
        In the years around 2020 (22  years into the polar motion 
sinusoidal cycle), there are
usually events of great snowstorms and/or (global???) drought (Texas  
now???), if the past data are
any indication.  I haven't really thought through why this occurs at  this 
particular time in the polar motion
sinusoidal cycle.
       Have a nice day!!!!!
       Regards,    Joseph R.  (Joe) Preisig, PhD
PS  In Italy, some Seismologists are being legally prosecuted for not  
issuing an earthquake alert
      about the recent????  magnitude 6.7  earthquake that killed people in 
Italy.   Hmmmm.
      Experimenters at CERN have an early result  indicating that the speed 
of light has been 
      exceeded???!!!!!   Roll over,  Beethoven.  Roll over, Einstein!!!!!

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