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Otto G. Raabe ograabe at ucdavis.edu
Thu Sep 29 11:09:03 CDT 2011

At 12:40 AM 9/28/2011, Chris Busby wrote:

>The problem is this question: what is the ionisation density at the 
>target? This includes non targeted effects, then the ionisation 
>density in the cell or cell community. It is clear from experiments 
>with radiation but also other chemical stressors that the dose 
>response in complex, and usually biphasic. As you say, there are 
>different mechanisms at high dose rate than low dose rate. But the 
>local ionisation density is usually orders of magnitude higher for 
>internal than external irradiation and for second event emitters or 
>sequences or cascades the cell may alter its repair state before a 
>second or third hit. My own belief is that hormesis is an artifact 
>arising from a misunderstanding of the position of the point 0,0.
>The current arguments (including the radsafe ones) are very simplistic.

NONSENSE!  All studies are based on actual average radiation absorbed 
dose to living tissues. This is a physical quantity whether the 
source is internal or external.

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