[ RadSafe ] Worthy of any significant degree of attention?

Maury maurysis at peoplepc.com
Sun Apr 8 01:45:23 CDT 2012

Yes, Roy, but they can certainly go round and round trying .... <g>


On 4/7/2012 2:35 PM, ROY HERREN wrote:
> What I meant to write was "according to a news report".  Clearly I need to proof
> read what I've written before I hit the Send button.
> Just to wrap this e-mail up and make it somewhat pertinent to our usual topics
> of concern, please see the following Not In My Backyard (NIMBY) sort of an
> article:
> http://phys.org/news/2012-04-canadians-rally-power.html
> Canadians rally against wind power
>   Apparently you can't please everyone all of the time!
> Roy Herren

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