[ RadSafe ] More on San Onofre - Engineer's input needed

Brent Rogers brent.rogers at optusnet.com.au
Sun Apr 8 20:53:19 CDT 2012

It would be redundant for the EPA to preclude coal generating plants. That already happened when the dinosaur's were obliterated.  

Brent Rogers
Sydney Australia

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On 09/04/2012, at 11:18, William Lipton <doctorbill34 at gmail.com> wrote:

> The new EPA clean air regulations s effectively preclude any new coal
> generating plants.
> Bill Lipton
> It's not about dose, it's about trust.
> On Apr 8, 2012 8:18 PM, "ROY HERREN" <royherren2005 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Sandy,
>>    I was surprised to read your e-mail about the Steam Generators being
>> "relatively new".  I had initially assumed that they had merely replaced
>> the old
>> tubing in the old generator with new tubes; I didn't know that they had
>> completely replaced the Steam Generators.  Given that these are
>> "relatively new"
>> generators it is all the more disconcerting that some of the tubes are
>> already
>> leaking.  Hopefully the root cause of the leak(s) will be determined and a
>> timely solution can be applied to get the units up and operating.
>>   We are in a quandary of sorts regarding electrical energy production!
>> Some
>> folks don't want coal fired electrical generating plants, some folks don't
>> want
>> oil or gas fired electrical generating plants, some folks don't want Solar
>> thermal plants, some folks don't want windmills, and some folks don't want
>> Nuclear Power plants (hell, here in northern California some folks want to
>> tear
>> down some old dams and do away with water reservoirs and the hydroelectric
>> energy produced by those systems).   Clearly there doesn't appear to be any
>> practical solutions that will please all of the parties.   What are we to
>> do to
>> produce electricity for a (post) industrial society?  Solar voltaic,
>> Fusion?  At
>> least Solar voltaic is a proven technology, but we can't possible produce
>> enough
>> panels in a short enough time frame to replace the loss of San Onofre,
>> much less
>> all of the other Nuclear Power plants.  What are we to do?
>> Roy Herren

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