[ RadSafe ] More on San Onofre - Engineer's input needed

JPreisig at aol.com JPreisig at aol.com
Sun Apr 8 22:49:29 CDT 2012

      Want to significantly improve the health of  people in the USA and 
     1.  Get cigarette and other smokers to chew  nicotine gum or kick 
their habits totally.
     2.  Replace aging coal plants with nuclear  and/or natural gas plants. 
 However, we in the USA
          and elsewhere do  depend on coal plants for a considerable 
portion of electricity and/or 
          other power.
          Mr. Helbig, the  antiNukes are everywhere, especially here in the 
Northeastern USA. 
      Most of the people I know from college are  antinuke.  My geological 
graduate school friends
      are usually antinuke, and think I work at  Nuke plants.  They 
generally are not involved in Christian
      or other religions.  The  environment is their religion.  Rock and 
Roll, drug sales, porno,  etc.
      and their paychecks pay for antiNuke  activities.  There is no 
holding back.  Most of the antiNukes 
      are not very scientifically educated, and  know very little about 
Nuclear power.
           Don't circle  your wagons with these people concerning Nuclear 
      Mr. Helbig.  Debate them at the proper  time and place --- argue with 
their leaders, if 
      possible.  Their belief system is  ingrained --- their mind is 
already made up about nuclear power.
      If you do argue or discuss the matter with  these people, please be 
civilized, if possible.  Most of
      these people are power company  customers.  The average man on the 
street may be
      neutral on Nuclear matters.
           Mr. Helbig,  try to be moderate in your views.  You are pretty 
far to the right.  I  try to be moderate,            but  am to the right 
also.  The environmental colleges and liberal college  faculty are pretty far to
      the left, especially here in the  Northeastern USA.
           Don't go  outside tonight, Mr. Helbig.  You may find the local 
antiNuke examining  your
      garbage.  They probably go through your  US Mail before you receive 
           Sorry to go  off on this tangent.  I'm still a fan of Richard 
           Have a good  night.    Regards,    Joseph R. (Joe) Preisig,  PhD
In a message dated 4/8/2012 9:54:09 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
brent.rogers at optusnet.com.au writes:

It would  be redundant for the EPA to preclude coal generating plants. That 
already  happened when the dinosaur's were obliterated.  

Brent  Rogers
Sydney Australia

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On  09/04/2012, at 11:18, William Lipton <doctorbill34 at gmail.com>  wrote:

> The new EPA clean air regulations s effectively preclude  any new coal
> generating plants.
> Bill Lipton
>  It's not about dose, it's about trust.
> On Apr 8, 2012 8:18 PM, "ROY  HERREN" <royherren2005 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>  Sandy,
>>    I was surprised to read your  e-mail about the Steam Generators being
>> "relatively new".  I  had initially assumed that they had merely replaced
>> the  old
>> tubing in the old generator with new tubes; I didn't know that  they had
>> completely replaced the Steam Generators.  Given  that these are
>> "relatively new"
>> generators it is all  the more disconcerting that some of the tubes are
>>  already
>> leaking.  Hopefully the root cause of the leak(s)  will be determined 
and a
>> timely solution can be applied to get the  units up and operating.
>>   We are in a  quandary of sorts regarding electrical energy production!
>>  Some
>> folks don't want coal fired electrical generating plants,  some folks 
>> want
>> oil or gas fired electrical  generating plants, some folks don't want 
>> thermal plants,  some folks don't want windmills, and some folks don't 
>> Nuclear  Power plants (hell, here in northern California some folks want 
>>  tear
>> down some old dams and do away with water reservoirs and the  
>> energy produced by those systems).    Clearly there doesn't appear to be 
>> practical solutions that  will please all of the parties.   What are we 
>> do  to
>> produce electricity for a (post) industrial society?   Solar voltaic,
>> Fusion?  At
>> least Solar voltaic is  a proven technology, but we can't possible 
>>  enough
>> panels in a short enough time frame to replace the loss of  San Onofre,
>> much less
>> all of the other Nuclear Power  plants.  What are we to do?
>> Roy  Herren
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