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Dear Roger/Mr. Helbig,
      Just google the word skyshine  and  you'll find plenty to read on the 
      Joe Preisig
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rwhelbig at gmail.com writes:

Kallie  Metzger is the hero of the  week.
Wouldn't it  be good if more people went to these kinds of meetings and
questioned the  dogma
preached by Caldicott and others?

I did not hear anyone  question Gundersen, all of the callers to the
Pat Thurston program (5PM-6PM  was the actual time that Gundersen was
on the program) were anti-nuclear  power fanatics who seemed to have
worshipped the ground Gundersen walked  on.

As I mentioned before, anyone can download and listen to  the
interview.  I am very certain that Gundersen lied about his  own
background along with making up science along the way.  His  concept of
gamma radiation reflecting off the atmosphere as "deadly  skyshine"
seemed quite far out.  I did not think that anything  reflected gamma

www.kgoradio.com, Listen, Hourly  Archives, Sunday, 5-6PM (I will also
be able to send the audio file to  anyone who e-mails me and asks for
it) - I will transcribe this to some  degree; it is really hard to do
since I do not take  dictation!
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